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The Very Best Of


Track List

Taragon Records Company specializes in pop and oldies reissues on CD...here's our current list...

Stock Number    Artist/Title                                                                                                                        Available Configurations

TAR-1008 Steve Lawrence -Songs By  CD    
TAR-1009 The Foundations-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1010 The Fortunes-The Very Best Of (67-72)  CD    
TAR-1011 Eydie Gorme'-Eydie Gorme'    CASSETTE  
TAR-1012 Eydie Gorme'-Swings The Blues    CASSETTE  
TAR-1014 Bert Kaempfert-The Very Best Of  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1015 David Rose-The Very Best Of    CASSETTE  
TAR-1016 The Videls-The Very Best Of (Yesterday & Today)  CD    
TAR-1017 Frankie Laine-The Very Best Of (ABC Years)    CASSETTE  
TAR-1018 The Chancellor Records Story, Volume 1  CD    
TAR-1019 The Chancellor Records Story, Volume 2  CD    
TAR-1020 Bert Kaempfert-Christmas Wonderland  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1021 Bert Kaempfert-That Happy Feeling    CASSETTE  
TAR-1022 Del Shannon-Runaway/1661 Seconds Of  CD    
TAR-1023 Frankie Avalon-Christmas Album  CD    
TAR-1024 Dusty Springfield-Full Circle (VIDEO)  VHS
TAR-1028 Bent Fabric-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1029 Red Bird/Blue Cat Records-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1030 Lou Monte-The Very Best Of  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1031 Eddie Fisher-The Very Best Of    CASSETTE  
TAR-1032 Vaughn Monroe-The Very Best Of  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1033 Dick Haymes-The Very Best Of, Volume 1    CASSETTE  
TAR-1034 Dick Haymes-The Very Best Of, Volume 2    CASSETTE  
TAR-1035 Mr. Acker Bilk-The Very Best Of    CASSETTE  
TAR-1036 One Step Beyond-Music From  CD    
TAR-1038 Lost Male Hits Of The 50's    CASSETTE  
TAR-1039 Lost Female Hits Of The 50's    CASSETTE  
TAR-1041 The Ames Brothers-The Very Best Of  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1042 Lou Christie-The Complete Co & Ce/Roulette Recordings  CD    
TAR-1048 Kokomo-Asia Minor  CD    
TAR-1053 Gary Lewis And The Playboys-This Diamond Ring/A Session With...  CD    
TAR-1055 The Searchers-Second Take: The Complete RCA/UK Recordings  CD    
TAR-1056 Kay Starr-The Essential RCA Singles Collection  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1057 Paul Anka-The Essential RCA Rock And Roll Recordings  CD    
TAR-1058 Perry Como-The Essential 60's Singles Collection  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1059 The Norman Luboff Choir-Ticket To The Movies  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1060 Rosemary Clooney-Clap Hands! Here Comes Rosie/Fancy Meeting You Here  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1061 Pat Suzuki-The Very Best Of    CASSETTE  
TAR-1062 Gogi Grant-Torch Time    CASSETTE  
TAR-1063 The Three Suns-The Very Best Of    CASSETTE  
TAR-1069 Dinah Shore-The Essential RCA Recordings  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1070 Ed Ames-The Very Best Of  CD  CASSETTE  
TAR-1075 Percy Faith-South Pacific/The Sound Of Music  CD    
TAR-1078 Percy Faith-Plays Continental Music/Plays Romantic Music  CD    
TAR-1079 The Four Lads-The Very Best Of: Moments To Remember  CD    
TAR-1081 Vic Damone-The Complete Columbia Singles Collection    CASSETTE  
TAR-1091 Dennis Yost And The Classics IV-The Best Of (Legendary Masters Series)  CD    
TAR-1094 Billy Joe Royal-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1095 Spike Jones-Omnibust/60 Years Of Music America Hates Best  CD    
TAR-1096 The Johnny Mann Singers-Invisible Tears/We Can Fly! Up, Up And Away  CD    
TAR-1097 Johnny Mann/Si Zentner-Great Bands With Great Voices/Swing The Great Voices Of The Great Bands  CD    
TAR-1098 Lulu-To Sir With Love: The Best Of 1967-1968  CD    
TAR-1099 O.C. Smith-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1100 The Spiral Starecase-More Today Than Yesterday:The Complete Columbia Recordings  CD    
TAR-1101 Lou Monte-The Best Of The RCA Victor Recordings  CD    
TAR-1102 Skeeter Davis-The Pop Hits Collection  CD    
TAR-1104 Oliver-Good Morning Starshine-The Best Of  CD    
TAR-1105 Percy Faith-Touchdown!  CD    
TAR-1106 Percy Faith-Koga Melodies/Ryoichi Hattori Melodies  CD    
TAR-1107 The Four Lovers-The Very Best Of  CD    
TAR-1109 The Ames Brothers-There'll Always Be A Christmas  CD    


 (Cassette tapes only; CDs no longer available.)

TAR-3000 Joni James-Let There Be Love    CASSETTE
TAR-3001 Joni James-Little Girl Blue    CASSETTE
TAR-3002 Joni James-When I Fall In Love    CASSETTE
TAR-3003 Joni James-In The Still Of The Night    CASSETTE
TAR-3004 Joni James-Christmas/Songs Of Inspiration (2 LPs on 1 CASSETTE)    CASSETTE
TAR-3006 Joni James-Among My Souvenirs/Sings Irish Favorites (2 LPs on 1 CASSETTE)    CASSETTE
TAR-3007 Joni James-Ti Voglio Bene/Je T'Aime (2 LPs on 1 CASSETTE)    CASSETTE
TAR-3008 Joni James-Sings Songs By Young & Loesser, Kern & Warren (2 LPs on 1 CASSETTE)    CASSETTE
TAR-3009 Joni James-Latest And Greatest Hits    CASSETTE


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